MUSETEX ATX PC Case Y6 Review: A Stunning Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality


For those in pursuit of elevating their gaming setup to the next level, the MUSETEX ATX PC Case Y6, with its pure white elegance and advanced features, promises not just a housing for your PC components but a remarkable visual and performance upgrade. Let’s delve into why this mid-tower case could be the centerpiece of your gaming rig.

Product Overview

The MUSETEX ATX PC Case Y6 distinguishes itself with a 270° full-view tempered glass design, offering an unobstructed panorama of your PC’s internals. Pre-equipped with five PWM ARGB fans, it not only ensures optimal cooling but also adds a customizable aesthetic flair to your setup. This case breaks away from the conventional with its unique anti-leaf suction fan design, ensuring efficient heat dissipation while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility: Supports ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX motherboards.
  • Material: High-quality tempered glass, plastic, and metal construction.
  • Cooling Method: Supports both water and air cooling, with pre-installed ARGB fans.
  • Fan Size: 120mm, ensuring adequate airflow.
  • Dimensions: 16.54″L x 14.49″W x 11.61″H, offering a compact yet spacious environment for high-end components.
  • Additional Features: USB3.2/TYPE-C interface, supports GPUs up to 400mm and CPU coolers up to 176mm, top mounting for up to 360mm liquid coolers, and power supplies up to 200mm.


Priced at $106.99, the MUSETEX ATX PC Case Y6 presents itself as an affordable option for gamers looking to get premium features without the premium price tag.

Value for Money

Given its array of high-end features, including pre-installed ARGB fans, extensive hardware compatibility, and innovative design, the MUSETEX ATX PC Case offers exceptional value. It’s a solid investment for anyone looking to build a visually stunning and high-performing gaming PC on a budget.

Key Features

  • Visual Appeal: The dual tempered glass panels and white chassis break from the norm, offering a refreshing and expansive view of the internal components.
  • Cooling Efficiency: The pre-installed PWM ARGB fans, coupled with the case’s design, ensure optimal airflow and cooling performance.
  • Versatility: With its comprehensive compatibility and spacious layout, it accommodates a wide range of high-end PC hardware.
  • Connectivity: Equipped with high-speed USB3.2/TYPE-C and USB 3.0 interfaces for convenient connection to modern devices.

Why We Like It

The MUSETEX ATX PC Case Y6 stands out for its balance of aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. Its cooling efficiency, enhanced by the unique fan design, ensures that your components stay cool under pressure. The visual appeal of the case, with its full-view glass and customizable lighting, adds a significant wow factor to any setup. Moreover, the thoughtful design regarding hardware compatibility and ease of assembly makes it a top choice for both novice and experienced builders.


The MUSETEX ATX PC Case Y6 is a testament to how far PC cases have come in blending form, function, and affordability. With its eye-catching design, efficient cooling system, and user-friendly features, it’s an excellent choice for gamers and PC enthusiasts looking to make a statement without compromising on performance. Whether you’re embarking on your first build or upgrading your current setup, the MUSETEX Y6 offers a compelling combination of style, functionality, and value.

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